Elva - a lovely summer resort with beautiful nature and stunning wooden architecture is located only twenty minutes drive from Tartu and little more than two hours drive from Tallinn. Within easy reach and well worth exploring there are beautiful natural surroundings characterized by the clear watered lakes, picturesque riverbanks, peaceful forest parks and pinewoods.

Elva is famous for its lakes, such as Verevi, Arbi and Paisjärv. These are favourite swimming spots for many. Elva is unique to its forest parks and abundance of pines: a third of the total territory of the town lies under forest parks and nearly 90% of the trees growing there are pines.


Elva grew out from the railway station that is somewhat symbol for locals. Still there are loads of things to do or discover that make the town special. For instants Elva Adventure park or RoomEscape are only some of the possibilities spending your time here. Town is also hart of the recreational area surrounding the town. There are plenty of hiking trails for nature lovers, old manor houses, museums etc. What brought tourist here in 1920´s is still here and thos who value peacefull and homy environment - this is the place for you. 


Elva Touristinformation Office 

Kesk 30, Elva 61507